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Nilufar Armaki

In 2009, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from a University in Los Angeles. Afterward, I went back to Berlin where I achieved a Master's Degree in Psychology, specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in 2012. Following this, I obtained my license to practice psychotherapy by the German Health Authorities.


Today, I'm proud to be able to help my clients from around the world reach their personal goals through a structured style of support and guidance. My training and career allow me to assist my clients with their challenges and I am grateful to be able to help them find their strengths and excitement for life.

My aim is to create safe spaces that puts clients at ease allowing us to work together to understand and reach their life goals. Using therapy and the services of a life coach may not always be the obvious choice to start with. But it is so rewarding in the end. For me it is a privilege to be able to join my clients on their journey of self-discovery. I am driven by the fact that my work has a powerful impact on the lives of others. I consider it an honour, and something that I'm blessed to do each day.

My Approach

You are unique and what makes you is your story, your pain, and the struggles that you have experienced. In my sessions I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a highly focused therapy that has been proven to be among the most effective treatments for depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, as well as other psychological traumata. My aim is to support, guide, and empower you, in a way that helps you create a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through listening and questioning we will discover your true feelings, thoughts, and the underlying causes of your problems, uneasiness, and suffering. I will help you set your goals, identify your starting point, and build an effective active plan. This will allow us to determine the right actions and strategies that work best for your personality and specific situation. I adopt an approach that is tailored to you while using a range of proven techniques including:

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