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Service Agreement

Please read the information below as this sets out the boundaries to our work together. This is an informed consent form and you are asked to read and agree it’s acceptance before we can begin to work together.

Legal Terms of Offer

In accepting my services of webcam based online therapy and coaching you accept that the service is governed by Spanish Law irrespective of the country in which the client/s is/are based. Any disputes or disagreements arising from the provision of services under the terms of this engagement will be dealt with accordingly.

Our offer of an online therapy service to clients outside of Germany may be restricted due to considerations including legal, regulatory and privacy concerns and will be therefore held as coaching sessions.


Therapist and Life Coach offers online couple and individual sessions via Skype or the ZOOM platform which is a secure, confidential and reliable video software platform. Please familiarize yourself with the technical information provided and prepare for the session so you are ready to start on time.

Although Therapist and Life Coach aims to provide the highest practical levels of client confidentiality protection by using end to end encryption and only utilizing services that are HIPAA compliant, we regret we are unable to guarantee complete confidentiality under all circumstances. Monitoring or intrusion by state agencies or by computer service providers operating under state direction may in certain jurisdictions pose a threat to client confidentiality. If you feel you may be at risk, you may wish to consider receiving counseling through more traditional methods.

Computer systems are typically designed to share information with others and often ask you to trade convenience for confidentiality. If you are concerned about your privacy, we would suggest that you only use private secured networks when possible and avoid shared connections. Turn off or disable any unnecessary applications, particularly those that may frequently connect to the internet and ensure that your computer is regularly checked for computer viruses and spyware.

The sessions should take place in a private setting so as to ensure conversations are not overheard. In the event we deem the setting to not be sufficiently private, the session will be terminated and fees may still be due. Recording sessions without the explicit consent of both therapist/or life coach and the client/s will be considered as breach of this service agreement.



Payment Agreements

 Payments are made prior to counselling sessions starting. Payment for sessions need to be made at least 48 hours before your booked session or it will be considered cancelled.

Payment is usually made via PayPal or can be paid by debit or credit cards.


Weekly Sessions

Online therapy sessions are offered weekly and generally will take place at the same day and time. This consistency and regularity of session times is an important aspect of the therapy process.

Cancellation and missed session policy


Session are organized for an agreed date and time. If you are late attending the session, we will stay online for 15 minutes to allow for any eventualities. If you do not make contact with in this time, then the session will be considered missed and will be cancelled. You will be charged for this. If you are late attending your session, we will still end on the original time for the session.

If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. The required notice for cancellation is 72 hours. Where there is less notice of cancellation or if you do not attend your appointment you will be charged the full fee. With adequate advanced notice, where possible, you may be offered an alternative appointment.


Attending sessions

 We work with all clients in a professional manner. We ask that you do not attend our sessions under the influence of alcohol or drugs and ask you to dress appropriately for Skype or zoom (face to face) sessions.


Session times and Personal Space

Your session times are important and this is your “space”. Being prepared is an important part of therapy. Ensuring that you are comfortable, having a safe and private space to work from is important and having a pen and paper for you to make notes etc can be useful.


All session times are 50 minutes long and are conducted at an agreed time.


 It is also important to be able to give yourself a bit of time and space after each session. The sessions use energy and can bring up a host of emotions. Ensuring you have some time after a session is healthy self-care. Try to make sure you do not have to rush off for an appointment or pick up the children straight away, having a cup of tea or a glass of water and doing something pleasurable for 5 – 10 mins can help.


Dual Relationship

We aim to develop a trusting and friendly working relationship, however, as a therapist or Coach we are not a “friend”. To maintain the confidentiality and the boundaries of our work it is not appropriate to engaged “socially” on any social network, social or professional forums.


Technical Difficulties

If technical difficulties are experienced, for example computer or internet breakdown we will undertake to contact each other via text (SMS) message so that an alternative session can be made.


Clinical Emergency

It is not possible for online therapy or coaching sessions to help in the event of clinical emergency. In any case of clinical emergency, severe distress, and other more urgent mental health difficulties clients must contact their GP, the local medical emergency services, and/or any other local services as appropriate to their difficulties. You will be required to provide
with details of your local medical practitioner in order to access our online therapy service. Again, our services are not suitable if you are experiencing an enduring mental health illness or are experiencing acute distress.



Therapist and Life Coach adheres to a professional code of ethical standards which includes the principle of confidentiality. This means that we would not disclose information about you to a third party without your agreement, except in situations where there was serious and significant concern about harm to you or someone else and this would normally be discussed with you beforehand. As we ensure that all information is kept safe and protected, we ask you to do the same. It would not be appropriate to post/share onto social networks/forums any written correspondence between us from our work together.

If you are seen as a couple, we would normally expect that information can be shared between you.

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